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This directory is designed for the convenience of prospective owners of Rhodesian Ridgebacks trying to locate a puppy or a grown dog.  It is suggested that a potential buyer contact several of the breeders in this directory in order to develop a frame of reference.  Read Things to Look for in an Ethical Breeder to better understand what to look for in a breeder.  Also, SDRRC strongly encourages potential Ridgeback owners to visit the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the United States (RRCUS).  This is our parent club and is a great site with a lot of information to help you gain more knowledge about Rhodesian Ridgebacks before deciding on a purchase.  Use the links below as another aid for you in deciding whether a Ridgeback is a fit for your family.

Breeder Directory

Note: All breeders on our page must:

1. Be a voting member in good standing

2. Attend at least one meeting during the year

3. Must volunteer for at least one club event per year

4. Must contact the webmaster to advise of available puppies/dogs

CJS Ranch Rhodesian Ridgebacks

**Puppies available**

Cory + Jane Bowers

Wildomar, CA


HPK-Tropaco Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Helen + David Hayek

Escondido, CA

Rainbow Hill Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Allegro Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Richard + Kirstin Robinson 

 Glendora, CA 

626-733-6510 / 626-825-8187

Rukaya Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Tayler Suterko

San Diego, CA